Directed Connect & Directed SmartStart Pro Service Plans

Service Plans are required for most Directed SmartStart devices

Directed SmartStart devices use the latest GPS and LTE cellular technology to connect you to your vehicle from nearly anywhere in the world! Directed SmartStart products, including Directed Connect and Directed SmartStart Pro, require an active subscription plan to track, monitor, and receive alerts related to your vehicle.*

When you activate a new Directed SmartStart device, the following special offers are available for Directed Connect and Directed SmartStart Pro:

  • 30 days of FREE GPS Premium Service on a Trial basis!
  • 1 year of FREE Basic Service!

Select Monthly, 1 Year or 3 Years below to explore Directed Connect and Directed SmartStart Pro Service Plans.**

  • Mo
  • 1
    1 Year
  • 3
    3 Years
SmartStart subscriptions also feature Motor Club with Free Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!